Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Planting

I got a couple seeds to plant.I putted them in groups,but only could plant four. At last,I  decided to plant wheat, corn, the white unknown and peas.

This is what the wheat looked like when it first sprouted. It was the first to sprout  four tiny sprouts. It usually is white and yellow green at first,but it slowly changes colors. 

The peas were the second to sprout. It only grew one small,short sprout. The peas leaves grow in a spiral.

A few days later,the unknown sprouted a while ago and it's leaves are thicker the other sprouts.

The corn sprouted third....but I noticed it's stem is a lot thicker than the other plants.

The peas are still tiny but it sprouted more and more! And their leaves still grow in a spiral.

Now the wheat has three /four leaves...but some still have two. My wheat grows the fastest of all of the other plants. This project is about how plants start from a seed to an adult plant. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


                                     Thank you for the comments...I am very exited about going back to Taiwan.I hope I get to see Lucky again soon...and my family...(except for the long car rides...and the extremely long airplane ride...I get sort of sick sometimes)


Sunday, May 5, 2013

A start: about me

                                       Me standing in front of Hopper Danely... 

                                   My mom and I jumping outside...(for fun)

                                      My dog,Lucky in a plain blue jersey...sitting on his favorite red
                                      chair...(with a shirt laying on it),and on a leash so he won't fall.

                                  Lucky sitting on one of the kitchen chairs..brown guy on the left
                                  is Et...but you can call him Tt...        


Hi!My name is Stella. I like the color green.My two favorite things are Pokemon and dogs. I love to read books. I also like to play on my I-pad and go outside.I have a dog in Taiwan. He is Lucky. I'm exited to meet him again.

 P.S...I will be posting about what I learn in my study books on my blog.