Tuesday, May 7, 2013


                                     Thank you for the comments...I am very exited about going back to Taiwan.I hope I get to see Lucky again soon...and my family...(except for the long car rides...and the extremely long airplane ride...I get sort of sick sometimes)


Sunday, May 5, 2013

A start: about me

                                       Me standing in front of Hopper Danely... 

                                   My mom and I jumping outside...(for fun)

                                      My dog,Lucky in a plain blue jersey...sitting on his favorite red
                                      chair...(with a shirt laying on it),and on a leash so he won't fall.

                                  Lucky sitting on one of the kitchen chairs..brown guy on the left
                                  is Et...but you can call him Tt...        


Hi!My name is Stella. I like the color green.My two favorite things are Pokemon and dogs. I love to read books. I also like to play on my I-pad and go outside.I have a dog in Taiwan. He is Lucky. I'm exited to meet him again.

 P.S...I will be posting about what I learn in my study books on my blog.