Sunday, May 5, 2013

A start: about me

                                       Me standing in front of Hopper Danely... 

                                   My mom and I jumping outside...(for fun)

                                      My dog,Lucky in a plain blue jersey...sitting on his favorite red
                                      chair...(with a shirt laying on it),and on a leash so he won't fall.

                                  Lucky sitting on one of the kitchen chairs..brown guy on the left
                                  is Et...but you can call him Tt...        


Hi!My name is Stella. I like the color green.My two favorite things are Pokemon and dogs. I love to read books. I also like to play on my I-pad and go outside.I have a dog in Taiwan. He is Lucky. I'm exited to meet him again.

 P.S...I will be posting about what I learn in my study books on my blog.



  1. Great first post! Lucky is such a cute dog. My friend has a dog that looks just like Lucky. Scrappy is that puppy's name.

    Have a great adventure in Tawain! I bet you will have a great time with your grandparents and other family members!

    Yes, do keeps us posted on your studies. I enjoyed your post. Karen

  2. Good job on the start of your new blog!

  3. Hello Stella . Congratulations on your first blog post . I look forward to reading more of them and hearing stories about Taiwan and your studies there . Maybe you can tell us about the things you sew on your cute little sewing machine too . I live in Perth , Australia and I'm very happy to meet you .

  4. Oh my Stella. Congratulations on your first official blog. What a girl. You must take after your Mama. I do like the very smart top she made for you. It looks very good on you. Enjoy your day Stella and keep up the good work.

  5. Nice to meet you Stella! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures in the future! Have fun :-)

  6. Great first blog post, Stella! You look great in your Tova top. Thank you for sharing the pictures of Lucky; I notice that in one pic, the tips of his ears bend over, and in the other they don't. Do you know what the difference shows? Hint: it's about his emotional/mental state. So happy to see you here! I look forward to reading about your learning adventures. ♥♥♥

  7. What sweet pictures Stella! Lucky is a really cute dog, I bet he just loves you , I can imagine him following you around everywhere

  8. Hi Stella! Congratulations on your first blog post-I enjoyed it very much. I also love to read and I love dogs too. I have 4 miniature dachshunds named Ollie,Janie,Murray, and Calvin. I will send a pic to your Mom's email so you can see them. I also work at a doggie day care, so I am with dogs almost all of the time! I look forward to more!!

  9. Hi, Stella! I have read so much about you on your mom's blog that I feel like I know you already! My favorite color is green, too!
    I homeschooled all of my 4 children and now 3 of them are in college and one has already graduated and teaches English in Japan. I can't wait to read about your adventures in Taiwan with schooling, reading books, visiting your relatives, and playing with your dog!
    Have a good Spring-y day!

  10. Hello Stella! It is really nice to meet you :) I am looking forward to read about your new adventures in Taiwan :) Have a lovely time, Jolana

  11. Hi Stella!
    What a great idea to have your very own blog!
    I think your dog is very cute...I have a white Jack Russell named Breezy.
    Lucky and you will have so much fun together in Taiwan...what an wonderful adventure for you and your Mom to be going on together!

  12. Lucky is so cute and tiny! He could fit in your bicycle basket! I have a sweet chocolate lab who weighs 80 pounds! Huge bundle of energy! Can't wait to read more, Jen In Los Angeles

  13. Hi are doing great and I am looking forward to following you in your new adventure you will be taking with your mom. Thanks for sharing with us!


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